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Stockholm Medicus

Los Deline | Injectable Volumizing Implant

Welcome to the beautiful Stockholm and two days of training in semi-permanent implants for breasts and buttocks. You now have the opportunity to sign up for Stockholm Medicus' beginner training in body filling with Los Deline.

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Los Deline | Injectable Volumizing Implant
Los Deline | Injectable Volumizing Implant

Time and place

30 okt. 2022 11:00 CET – 31 okt. 2022 20:30 CET

Stockholm Medicus, Smedjegatan 18, 131 54 Nacka, Sverige

About our workshop

Los Deline® is a non-enveloped injectable implant, that is designed for reshaping contouring procedures such as breast and buttocks augmentation, wrinkles smoothing, body contouring with long term aesthetic effect. Los Deline® volumizing injectable implant is made in compliance with the latest achievements of modern aesthetic medicine.

The superiority solution gives patients the opportunity to get a perfect look without surgery or long recovery time. Los Deline® provides customers with the highest quality products, giving the priority to the patient’s interests and safety.

The product was developed using the latest technology providing unprecedented purity and efficiency.

Pure and safe raw materials together with unique production technology make Los Deline® a universal volumizing product.

Minimally invasive procedure

The plastic contouring procedure with LosDeline® is minimally invasive. It does not require long-term recovery. Unlike prosthesis, this substance does not show visible contours after its application and is totally undetectable to touch.

This procedure is not traumatic as the gel is injected through a skin puncture with a thin needle or cannula, thereby minimizing the risk of any injury.

The patient is allowed to leave the clinic a few hours after the procedure. Just 24 hours after gel injection, the patients can return to their daily activities if you have a non-active lifestyle, however, if you have a very active lifestyle you should take it easy until you get an OK. LosDeline® gives natural looking effects.

Do you want to offer your patients something you did not know existed?

Los Deline injectable volumizing implant is a non-enveloped injectable implant. It is designed for plastic contouring procedures such as breast- and buttocks augmentation with a long term effect.

Win,win and win

You as a clinic owner can both offer something unique and at the same time a complement to your range of services.

In cases where your customer does not want to choose breast implants as a solution or in cases where your customer wants to enlarge the butt area but lacks fat, Los Deline is an excellent alternative.

Injectable fillers will save your time and money

The filler is developed using the latest technology providing unprecedented purity and efficiancy

It is neutral, biocompatible to human tissues and able to adapt to selceted anatomical structure.

Best part maybe is with what ease you can treat your patient, without the need for anesthesia or any recovery- or social down time.

Are you interested in growing your business

On May 8 and 9 2021, you can participate in the spring beginner training. The number of participants is as always limited to 15 people, which makes training very exclusive as the focus is on hands on training.

The goal of the training is that you who participate should be so sure of the treatment method that you can go home to your internship and increase your earnings.

Focus on education

According to Swedish manners, we have chosen to focus on trying to be as efficient with our time as possible. This means 2 long days and no direct opportunities for sightseeing.

Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity to tell you in advance if you want to extend your stay and we can try to extend your hotel stay by the corresponding days.

Among the world's foremost therapists

The education will be moderated by Stockholm Medicus founder Magnus Lang who together with specialist doctor plastic surgeon doctor Victor Schwartz will lead this beginner education. Dr. Schwart is also one of the most experienced Los Deline therapists in the world.


After the training, you will receive a diploma as confirmation of your participation and your newly acquired knowledge.

The course is offered and provided by Stockholm Medicus, a provider of health and care since 2001.

Our all-inclusive offer

We too have also been to workshops around the world and it is certainly charming to deal with the preparations yourself.

However, in recent years we (staff at stockholm Medicus) have increasingly learned to appreciate offers that means we basically get most things served, all to save us unexpected events (which can often add sordi to the trip).

You who choose our all-inclusive offer will thus get most things arranged, in principle you only need to bring your passport, some extra clothing and your credit card for your own extravagances.

Distance between hotel and training premises

It is approximately 3 minutes by taxi from the pre-booked hotel and Stockholm Medicus.

Extend your stay

The month of May traditionally consists of a weather that invites sightseeing. Visiting the Old Town is a must if you are a tourist in Stockholm, the Royal Palace which is close by aswell as the Nobel Museum.

It is also possible to visit cafes and restaurants but only until 20:00.

Please do check the weather forecast before leaving, sometimes Swedish spring can surprise you (in a bad way).

Visa, MasterCard and Amex

Sweden is predicted to be the country in the world that will first be cashless. This means that as a tourist you need to prepare for the fact that many of the businesses you may come in contact with do not accept cash.

Make sure to recharge your credit cards and you are guaranteed an easy stay in beautiful Stockholm.

About our offer

In direct connection with the training, all participants will receive a very favorable offer to buy a "get-started- package", i.e. heavily discounted packaging with fillers.

The offer is of course to stimulate you to get started as soon as possible after the workshop because we all know that knowledge is not difficult to carry but unfortunately knowledge is like fresh fruit (best taking care of at once).

1 pcs 100 ml: € 50

10 pcs 100 ml: € 425

28 pcs 100 ml: € 375

Prices per person

Beginners training 2 days includes compendium, diploma, lunch, refreshments and dinner

€ 1,700 euros

Beginner training 2 days includes 100 ml Los Deline as well as compendium, diploma, lunch, refreshments and dinner:

€ 2,000 euros

Beginner training 2 days includes 100 ml Los Deline, compendium, diploma, transfer, hotel accommodation including breakfast, lunch and dinner:

€ 3,800 euros

Pay upfront or with cash

The workshop and the very favorable offer can be paid in advance via invoice or paid on site (€). For those of you who travel with only hand luggage, we will subsequently send the goods to your practitioners together with invoice documentation (for a smaller fee).


To enter our workshop, you must be a registered doctor or surgeon.

Demonstration of identification is required upon registration

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